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Die letzte nacht (The last night) | words & music: ASAGI, arrange: D

Several Decades have passed after that Day
The time of accomplishing resurrection came just now

Am I sleeping?
Am I awake? God...

I'm the king of the vampire that was born from the Darkness

The eyes and a lip seem to be roses and the skin looks white like snow
I'm not allowed to Die, and continued sleeping for a long time
I have to Do the last Duty as a king of the vampire

I Decided to remove the roots of vampire's blood this evening

I'm nothingness
This feeling will not be fulfilled eternally

Do you hate me?
You will surely hate me.
But I hate myself more than whom
I want to apologize to God and them from the bottom of my heart.

I will welcome the night of our last
The Sun sinks and night of the Darkness begins to spread the world
I will Disappear having held recollections with her in a breast.

She made me remember the importance of love
However, nobody can change this fact

I'm the king of the vampire that was born from the Darkness

Am I still alive?
Am I already Dead? God....

Schwarzschild | words & music: ASAGI, arrange: D

Time to say farewell to this world.

Even if it was "The Black Shield"...
There is the shield in order to protect everyone

All vampire's sin are my sin. Because the cause is in me.
I must atone for past Deeds. That is, it indicates the Death.

My blood wasn't able to be exterminated by sunlight.
all was mistake and meaningless

This blood, lineage should perish and never awake.
Up to the last drop of the blood.

However I was feeling sadness always
Because we are the vampires which are always hungry
for blood, and have to continue living in the Dark
As Dust return to Dust, I will also return to ashes

Loneliness and pain made the Desire amplify
and malice became mighty nightly

I wish to liberate you from "Blood Oath"
Please understand this feeling of mine

saa oide yoru no kodomo tachi
nemure eien no kodoku wo maneku nakare

aisarezu ni umare kuru mono wa dare hitori i nai
arubeki sugata e kaerou kami no ina wo yobimotomete

owari naki yami ni ooi naru hikari are ten yori

shika to mita kokoro no me de sagashi motometa sugata
awaremi no tokiataeru kami no ikokoro wa kotaete
idai naru ai wa fukaku samayoeru mono de sae
kaerarenu mitrai nado nai kami no imae nite chikatte

yagate tsumi no shi wa otozure kurushimi wa sari ima wa nemuri e...

If God give me hug gently some day
I will know true meaning of the eternity

There're few people who can find out the narrow gate to the paradise
but I wish to meet you again

If I can live with you on God's side, it's very wonderful
Only God saves us

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